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Saluting our military: Geordan Martinez

(Source: Geordan Martinez) (Source: Geordan Martinez)

Newschannel 6 is working to honor those from right here in Texoma who have served or are serving our country. It's part of our Saluting Our Military program. This week we're honoring Marine Corps Veteran Geordan Martinez. 
    A boy raised in Wichita Falls, family and friends say even at a young age, he always wanted to help others.  
    "He was always trying to be responsible and doing what he felt needed to be done. He was a good kid," George Martinez, Geordan's father said. 
    Before graduating from Hirschi High School in 2008, Geordan approached his father about enlisting. 
    "I knew he was going to serve his country, and he wanted me to sign for him in high school when he was underage. He was going either way once he turned 18, so I went ahead and signed for him," George Martinez said. 
    Geordan's grandmother was surprised at his decision. 
    "When he came in and told me he had joined, I was really surprised because he had really not asked me what I thought," Juanita Martinez said. 
    His yearbook teacher, Linda Fain, was proud of his decision, but she did have her reservations. 
    "It was a time where we were in Afghanistan. It was not really a good time to join the military so I was worried. I was worried for his safety. I was worried that he wouldn't come back," Fain said.  
    Before he left for basic training, he gave a gift of sorts to Fain to help her worry less about his new journey. He drew her a picture that he said was him in uniform, and he stuck it on her ceiling in her office. He told her if she ever was feeling scared or worried about him to just look up and know everything was going to be fine. 
    "I did worry, and I watch a lot of news so I knew what was going on and young people were losing their lives everyday and that certainly was a concern, but then I would look up and I would see him, and I would be okay," Fain said. 
    In March 2011, Geordan was deployed to Afghanistan for the the next nine months. During that time, communication with his family was minimal, but they say their faith in God kept them all going. 
    "I put it in God's hands everyday, that he would be fine and nothing would happen to him," Juanita said.
    After serving four years in the Marine Corps, Martinez was honorably discharged. He has since returned to Wichita Falls with his daughter Janay and is attending Midwestern State University. His family says he has lived up to their expectations and beyond with the choices he has made.  
    "We're all about being Americans, being free, and treating each other with respect and being decent," George said. 
    If you know someone deserving of recognition for their service, send us an e-mail to

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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