US Congressman Mac Thornberry continues his Texoma Tour

US Congressman Mac Thornberry continues his Texoma Tour

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - United States Congressman Mac Thornberry continued his Texoma Tour on Thursday.

Thornberry went from the Wichita Falls Rotary Club luncheon, to the Red River Hospital expansion grand opening and wrapped things up in Burkburnett at the celebration of 35 years of the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program.

Congressman Thornberry talked about the defense budget decrease. He said over the last four years, the defense budget has been cut about 25 percent, saying this is keeping our military from getting proper equipment and training.

However, he said last year, congress turned that around and is working hard to stop cutbacks from happening.
The congressman talked about how it is important for our nation to work together with our allies because anytime we have military engagements, we are working with them.

Let them know they're welcome here and that we highly value this partnership that we have together, said Thornberry.

The congressman said it is necessary for Texoma to continue supporting the U.S pilots and international community that come through Sheppard Air Force Base.

It is one of the great strengths of Sheppard that there is so much community support for the international students who are here. We need to keep that up, said Thornberry.      

However due to the decrease in the defense budget, the United States Air Force has made cutbacks, and that includes personnel. Thornberry said this problem must be fixed and the Air Force does plan on adding more service members. So what does that mean for Wichita Falls and Sheppard Air Force Base?

We are probably going to see a more students coming through here in the upcoming months and years, said Thornberry.

He also wants to work on how our country takes care of our service men and women after they have served, and plans on working on a new retirement system, something similar to a 401(k).

The current system will still be in effect, but it only allows benefits for those who have served 20 years or more. The new program will give those who have served less than that time a retirement option.

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