Irish Culture Comes To Texoma

Irish Culture Comes To Texoma

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Texoman's will have a chance to hear real Irish music performed by four Irish natives during the Wichita Falls, St. Patrick's Day Downtown Street Festival on March 12th at the intersection of Indiana and 8th. The Iron Horse Pub is located at that intersection and has legitimate Irish ties as it is owned by Irishmen Danny Ahern.

"I immigrated here 20 years ago this year. I have been here ever since I opened up the Iron Horse Pub with my business partner 16 years to try and bring a little bit of Ireland to Wichita Falls Texas," said Ahern.

This year Ahern won't feel like the only Irishmen in Wichita Falls because The Shannon Folk music group from Killaloe, Ireland, in County Clare will be playing Irish tunes in the Iron Horse Pub during the St. Patrick's Day Festival.

"We're delighted to be in a position where we can celebrate it and enjoy it at the same time," said Shannon Folk member Michael Scanlon.

The four men said they are in Wichita Falls to bring true "Irishness" to the downtown area and help fellow Irishmen Ahern at the pub.

"Being Irish is a very special thing. No matter where you go in the world you will meet Irish people who claim their ancestry," said Shannon Folk Guitarist  Mike Quigley.

This is not the first trip to the Falls for Banjo player and Shannon Folk Member Jack Hogan.

"The people we have met here since we have started coming in 2003, when we came first. We still meet them and they have grown in their Irishness, as far as I am concerned over them years," said Hogan.

Guitarist John Grimes reminds Texomans that the holiday celebrates St. Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland and drove out the snakes. Grimes said it always amazes him that so many countries celebrate an Irish national holiday.

"I think maybe the snake thing is a bit of a myth because you know. I don't think we ever had snakes anyway.

"The effect we have had worldwide, compared to our size is absolutely massive you know that is the way I like to look at it you know," said Grimes.

The Shannon Folk will begin their performance inside the Iron Horse Pub at 8:30 on Saturday during the St. Patrick's Day Downtown Street Festival March 12th. To buy tickets and learn more about the festival click HERE!