New Signs Up In Bowie

New Signs Are Up In Bowie

     Signs are finally in the ground in Bowie Friday for one family with a deaf child. Newschannel 6 first brought you the story two weeks ago.

About a month ago, a mother of a 4-year-old deaf child tried to get city leaders to help her put "deaf child at play" signs in her yard so drivers passing by would proceed with caution, but she was met with resistance.

The city told the Tammy Fugate she would have to come up with hundreds to pay for the signs to be put up. However, the family said they didn't have the money.

After our story aired two weeks ago crews within the Bowie Rural Fire Department pulled money from their own pockets and pitched in to buy the signs.

 “After the news broadcast, one of our local firemen just started texting and said ‘here's what's happening, we need to step up and do something,’” said Ross Hamilton, Line Fireman with the Bowie Rural Fire Department.

Stepping up is exactly what they did. They said in a matter of minutes, they were able to dig into their own pockets and purchase the two signs valued at $400.

“The messages that went around, that was kind of crazy,” said Kavin Heugatter, Assistant Chief with the Bowie Rural Fire Department. “I never thought it would have gotten this many people looking at it, but it's good because it shows that people need to be aware of the situation and what's going on with kids everywhere.”

He said he's proud of everyone that stepped up to make it possible, and while it may not cause every driver to pump the breaks, if it helps one person, that’s all that matters.

The small change is helping to bring a mother one step closer to peace of mind, while helping keep a young boy a little safer.

“We are very grateful to the fire department for the signs, we just hope that everyone pays attention and slows down,” said Tammy Fugate, the mother of 4-year-old Zane.

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