Iowa Parks citizens express concerns over possible housing expansion

Iowa Park citizens express concerns over possible housing expansion

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - Some citizens of Iowa Park spoke out Monday night in a standing room only council meeting saying an affordable housing complex could devalue their property and the school district.
This comes after city council members granted letters of recommendation to two different developers for potential housing projects.
Back when the process started, five developers in the region submitted pre approvals.
Two of those were in Iowa Park.
Only two submitted an actual application.
One is in Cisco and the other in Iowa Park.
The Iowa Park project is Hawks Landing, an affordable housing apartment complex that would be located in the 1500 block of Johnson Road.
Citizens had the opportunity to voice their opinion on the project this evening.
Several are concerned about the potential complex saying it could lead to a lack of teachers at the schools, devalue the worth of their homes and increase local traffic.
City Manager Jerry Flemming says citizens input is a good thing.
    "It is always beneficial when citizens come to a meeting and especially if there's something they feel very strongly about," Flemming said. "And to let their voices be heard."
No action was on the agenda this evening.
It was just an open forum giving citizens the opportunity to tell city council why they were for or against this project.
Flemming says no action will be taken on this issue for the foreseeable future.
But the state will monitor the two projects over the coming months.
If the project wins there would potentially be a vote regarding zoning.
Flemming says comments made tonight could effect how the city looks at additional zoning.
Despite the majority of people being against the project, one citizen who has worked for the city for 13 years, says if it wasn't for his wife's job he would need low income housing.

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