Race For Equality

Race For Equality
(Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Race Relations Symposium at Midwestern State University on Tuesday, March 15th in Wichita Falls brought people of all ethnicities together to promote racial harmony in our community. It was held by the MSU Social Work Department and people from all areas of the Wichita Falls community gathered to have an open conversation about race issues. Student coordinator of the event, Carisa Roscoe said its also about challenging our own stereotypes.

"We want to do our best to highlight what those issues are and check our own stereotypes so we can solve some of these issues."

Gonzolo Robles, Founder of Cafe Con Leche, an organization that promotes post secondary education for students, said it's all about awareness and looking past appearances.

'We have to get to know one another other beyond the color of our skin, beyond ethnicity or where we come from or the accent I have."

Event organizers say talking about race isn't always an easy conversation but its a necessary one. They stress that this workshop wasn't held to highlight differences but to collaborate.