Dealing with aggressive drivers

Dealing with aggressive drivers

 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about 37-percent of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm, and within a weeks time Texoma had two road rage incidents where guns were drawn.
James McGinn, a professional counselor said the key is to not take aggressive driving personally and to control your emotional response.

        It's just a buildup of emotions and it comes out in their driving versus a healthy way of expressing emotion, said McGinn.
He adds there are two halves of the brain. One is logical and the other emotional, and those who suffer from road rage are not thinking rationally.

        They just become aggressive to get out some of that anger and frustration that they can't get out through the normal means of talking through it, said McGinn.
Wichita Falls Police Officer Jeff Hughes said the increase in road rage incidents is caused by distracted drivers.  

However there are ways to be cautious around these motorist. 
Officer Hughes said, "Stay calm first and foremost and do your best to get away from them. Take an exit that you weren't planning on taking just to get yourself out of that situation. 
McGinn said look at your response instead of your reaction and do not let other drivers affect you emotionally.
He adds for those who find themselves with road rage to use a mental road block so you do not allow yourself to get angry. This will take you out of the situation.
In the big scheme of things someone's rude driving shouldn't force you into an exaggerated event where violence occurs, said McGinn.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations study shows 66-percent of traffic deaths are caused by aggressive driving.
If a road rage situation does get out of hand or if you feel threatened call 911 immediately and drive to a public place or the police station.

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