Bowie Memorial Hospital sale still in the works

Bowie Memorial Hospital sale still in the works


Bowie Memorial Hospital officials canceled their board meeting for the second time within a week, but Lynn Heller, hospital board CEO, said the sale is still in the works.

Although the finalization of the hospital’s sale contract has not been a short story, Faraz Hashmi, CEO of the Hashmi Group, said his company and the board are on the same page.
        “I think both parties are very much in line with one another. It's just a matter of time, and we are all trying to make it happen as soon as possible,” said Hashmi.
Heller agreed said the reason today's meeting was canceled is due to a settlement letter the board received from M
edicare saying they owe about $435,000 to the federal insurance program from a 2012 audit. 
        “The auditor is going to appeal it on our behalf, and it looks like we should be able to get through that without any problem,” said Heller.
The Hashmi Group understands situations like these come up and are still moving forward with the sale.
        “We're very excited. We've been here quite often getting the facility ready, cleaned up and meeting with vendors to get things back up and running,” said Hashmi.

The medical group is already providing jobs for Bowie by hiring local residents to help prepare the hospital for inspections.
Hashmi said it is critical to bring back past hospital employees and encourages those workers to send in their resumes.
        “We will probably start off with core service lines and core staff and grow until hopefully we are a true regional medical center,” said Hashmi.
To make this happen, the hospital will grow based on the community’s needs.

Hashmi plans on working with local physicians and wants to hold an open meeting where residents can ask questions and get more info about the Hashmi Group.
Heller said the signing of the contract should happen at the next meeting on Monday, March 21.
The closing of the deal is expected to be happen in mid-May.

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