Judge Gossom Comments On Recent BLM Ruling

Judge Gossom Comments On Recent BLM Ruling


A federal district judge ruled Monday that Texas is allowed to join a lawsuit filed by Texoma landowners against the Bureau of Land Management. The state will provide resources for Ken Aderholt vs. the Bureau Of Land Management. The judge also ruled that the BLM is not protected from being sued.

According to the ruling, the BLM failed to take a required action and perform a survey to determine where federal land begins and ends, also known as the gradient boundary.

Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom says this recent ruling will allow the state of Texas to provide attorneys, policy workers, fact finders and many others to push back against the federal agency. According to Judge Gossom, this ruling could also force the BLM to conduct a gradient boundary survey. The surveys are not cheap.

"That is very expensive. They are going to have to decide, do they really want to enter that? or just leave things alone? I think it makes a good point for us and I feel better about where we are right now than where we were before that decision," said Judge Gossom.

While nothing has been permanently settled, Judge Gossom believes the recent ruling lets Texans know that government can be responsive to the needs of the citizens.