Spring Break Builders

Spring Break Builders
Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Student volunteers are helping to build a solid foundation and make a dream come true for a low income families in our community.
Students from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay traveled over one-thousand miles to work with Habitat for Humanity here in Wichita Falls to restore and build houses. Samantha Sonnenberg, a senior at the University, says the organization helps make home owning more affordable.

"I love that they're able to help a family kind of pay their way for a house not just give it away - so they make it more affordable for them to have a home."

Habitat for Humanity of Wichita Falls has built more than one-hundred homes for families in need and fifteen of them have already paid off their mortgage.

The organization has volunteers for all over the country, it includes groups like  churches, civic groups and our community, to help build and restore houses.

For more information about how to volunteer call Habitat For Humanity at 940-716-9300.

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