Texoma Talks March Madness

Texoma Talks March Madness

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Over 40 million people are expected to fill out nearly 70 million NCAA Championship Tournament brackets for March Madness. CBS is one of four networks that will be broadcasting tournament games over the next month. Those 40 million people have printed, handwritten, typed, clicked, and tapped in teams to fill their brackets both on paper as well as their digital devices.

Cornell Mathematics Professor John Pike has crunched the numbers and found that the odds of filling in a perfectly correct bracket before the tournament is 1 in 9.2 quintillion; it looks like this 9,200,000,000,000,000,000. Dan Mass had his bracket busted when #5 Baylor lost to #12 Yale in round 1 on March 17th. Mass said upsets are a part of what makes "madness" so fun.

"It's the fact that almost anybody can win and usually does not happen that way, but almost every year you'll have a Cinderella team come in and beat a team," said Mass.

Cameron Englishbee loves the excitement and energy that the NCAA Men's Championship Tournament delivers each year. Though Englishbee said he doesn't have a favorite team he also said that he's a realist and predicted #8 Texas Tech losing to #9 Butler.

"I really like Tech because that is where I go to school, but they are already out of the tournament. I had Tech losing, though I don't want to admit it," said Englishbee.

There are an estimated three million people expected to watch the opening round games. Ratings go up with each round it is estimated that nearly 30 million people will watch the championship game in March.

On Friday #16 Holy Cross takes on #1 Oregon. A #16 seed has never defeated a #1 seed in the NCAA Men's Championship Tournament history. To fill out your own bracket or create a new one if your current one is already busted click here.