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Making mobile payments safely

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When it comes to technology, we can do almost anything from the palm of our hand. That includes making payments from our cell phones. But is it safe? What type of personal information is being transmitted during these transactions?
    "Many mobile payment services use apps and like any kinds of apps they can collect a lot of information about you," Susan Grant, Director of Consumer Protection and Privacy for the Consumer Federation of America said.
    Grant as well as Monica Horton, President of the Better Business Bureau North Central Texas said reading the fine print when downloading apps before making payments is key. 
    "You need to read the terms and conditions. A lot of times with these apps are going to tell you exactly how they're going to use your information. People have a tendency to hit and check the box to accept it without reading through all of it," Horton said. 
    One of those people is Wichita Falls resident, Uri Easter. 
    "I usually assume that everything is going to be safe when I'm downloading," Easter said. 
    While he does admit to not reading through the terms and conditions when getting new apps, Easter said he does not download blindly. 
    "When I make a payment online I'll go ahead and research whoever it is I am paying my money to. So before I go ahead and make a payment, I want to know about this person. I want to know what the BBB has to say about this person," Easter said.  
    Experts also said to steer clear of using free WiFi. 
    "When you're using public WiFi since it's not secure, crooks can use technology to eavesdrop on your communications and read what you're typing," Grant said. 
    The Consumer Federation of America has more information on how to make mobile payments safely on their website. 

    Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6
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