Electra will soon have a new city attorney

Electra will soon have a new city attorney
There was an empty chair at tonight's Electra City Commissioner's meeting, and soon it will not be reserved for City Attorney Bruce Harris.
Electra city officials have decided to move forward with hiring a new city attorney.
Mayor Pam Ward said the current city attorney Bruce Harris was asked to write up and present a contract to the commissioners that would determine his future duties, six months ago.
There have been some issues getting contracts in a timely manner, but he never did his own contract with us and that just spoke volumes to me, said Ward.
As of right now Harris is being paid $150 an hour, on an as needed basis.
Ward said commissioners want a contracted attorney because it will save the city money and bring stability, adding they have someone in mind, Brett Hale, who she said is well known in Electra.
        We feel like he has a vested interest in Electra, Electra's progress and well-being,
Ward said Hale will be an asset to the city and wants to put him under contract, and  believes the community will support this decision in hiring a new city attorney.
I think that when they hear that we are going to be using Brett Hale they are going to be pleased, said Ward.
She said Harris was not present at tonight's meeting because the agenda did not call for an attorney.
Harris said he enjoyed serving the city of Electra for the last nine years as municipal judge and also as the city attorney. He wishes the city the best of luck in the future.

Bruce Harris will remain the city attorney until the end of the month, and Brett Hale is expected to take his position in April.
Hale will be working on an as needed basis, until he and the city commissioners can come together on a contract agreement.

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