Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame Now Open

Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame Now Open

The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame officially opened its doors Tuesday in Wichita Falls.

The hall of fame is filled with old photographs, costumes, masks and more, giving all visitors a glimpse into wrestling history. A history that’s engraved in memories and now a piece of the community.

“There’s been some gentlemen come through the room and you see the smiles and the little giggles because it’s something they grew up watching,” said Cowboy Johnny Mantell with the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The ribbon cutting is just in time for WrestleMania in DFW this weekend. Something that draws fans from all across the nation.

With the professional wrestling hall of fame now open, just two hours away from that event, officials said they are already preparing for the crowds come this weekend.

“The buzz around town has just been fantastic and the history of wrestling here in Wichita Falls is so impressive that the fans and the citizens of this area love wrestling,” said Mantell.

 It’s not only a big deal for wrestling fans, but it could also be an overall economic boost to Downtown Wichita Falls.

 “I hope the community comes out, but I think we're going to make this a tourism destination were going to bring more people to town so it helps everybody,” said Mantell.

It's expected to attract 500 to 600 people this weekend alone, to Wichita Falls. A Tourism number that is expected to grow as they do.

“As this thing continues to grow, we're already talking about moving up to another floor because we have so much stuff,” said Mantell.

While wrestling memorabilia already fills the hall of fame, more is on the way. There will soon be a research room, a library, a video room, and a children’s area. Those projects are expected to be completed in the next 45 days.

 The hall of fame will be open on a weekly basis from Tuesday through Sunday. However, with WrestleMania this weekend they will be open Monday, April 4 for all of those who want to visit from out of town.

 Admission is $3.

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