WFPD Honor Women's History Month

WFPD Honors Women's History Month

WICHITA FALLS, TX - In honor of March being Women's History Month the Wichita Falls Police Department has been honoring female officers who served and protected city streets in both the past and present.
This month WFPD also introduced the WFPD 69th Police Academy to the community. The 69th class is made up of 18 men and women all hoping to become the next great officer to help make Wichita Falls a safer place to live. 
This year a third of those in the WFPD Academy are women, that's the largest number of females in an academy class since 2008. Cindy Casillas is one of the three women that make up this year's class and she said she's happy to know she's not the alone as the only female. 
"It kind of puts me more at ease but during the whole process even if I was the only woman I would probably be not as comfortable as I am now but still comfortable," said Casillas.
Joey Anderson is a training officer for the WFPD and he said that the female recruits are just as qualified to be a future officer as their male counterparts.
Out of the 200 plus officers, less than ten percent are female, but Anderson said with more females entering the academy they can change those numbers quickly. 
"We're looking for the right officer that will get out and serve the community in the capacity that the police department wants. You know someone who sticks with the department's core values and ethics," said Anderson.
If you would like to learn more about some of the officers honored this month you can check out the WFPD Blog by clicking on the embedded link.

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