Staying safe this summer on the water

Staying safe this summer on the water

CLAY COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - With the temperatures getting warmer and spring approaching, it means that more Texomans will hit the lake.
This past week five boats at Lake Arrowhead had to be towed in because of high winds.
No one was injured in those incidents, but there are ways to decrease the likelihood of finding yourself in situations that can put you and others in harms way. 
Eddie Hood, a Lake Arrowhead Game Warden,  said there are a lot of steps you can take to stay safe on the lake.
Hood tells boaters to have a plan.

"Let someone know where they are going to be, what hours they plan to be out here. Carry their cell phone by all means in case they get lost on the lake or they break down. They can call the Clay County Sheriff's Office and they can dispatch us out here to haul them in," said Hood. 
He adds, there are a number of things to consider when on the lake, and weather tops the list. 
    "Here in Tornado Alley the weather can change on a dime. Always look at your weather forecast, but even if the weather forecast shows the skies to be fair and not to be too windy, if your eyes tell you something else, by all means get off the water," said Hood. 
It is not just boaters that have to be mindful; it is also beach goers.
Hood wants to remind people that the lake levels are not like they have been in years past because of all the rain Texoma has had in the last year. 
     "You're going to have spots that you might think are shallow and they wade off in there and they are probably four, five or six foot deep and over your head," said Hood
Officials will also do their part to keep drugs and alcohol off the lake.
    "We are also looking for potential boaters that are boating while intoxicated, and intoxicated on a boat or on the beach. As well as drugs and other alcohol violations," said Hood. 
Hood recommends having a lookout when you bring kids to the beach.

However it is required for boat navigation lights to be on by sunset and to have a sound maker to alert of any problems.

Life Jackets need to be throwable and available for person on the boat.

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