What your child should do if they are approached by an abductor

What your child should do if they are approached by an abductor

Mondays attempted child abduction in Wichita Falls has some parents concerned for their child's safety.
Investigators said a 13 year old girl was waiting for the school bus on the corner of Hooper and Lenore when a man driving a truck yelled at her to get in his vehicle.

She told police when she did not follow his orders, he tried to grab her.

The girl ran away from the man to a nearby home, and that is when the police were called.
Sergeant Harold McClure, from the Wichita Falls Police Department, said she did the right thing.
He stresses to be comfortable with your neighbors.
Know your neighbors. The important thing about that is it allows them to be watching out for you, and it allows you to be watching out for them, said Sgt. McClure.
He said never approach a stranger, and try to get run away as quick as you can.
Draw attention to yourself, and be aware of your surroundings in order to spot suspicious activity.

Do not be locked into your cell phone.  He said that causes you to not be alert.
Sgt. McClure said child abductions can take place anywhere, and parents need to inform their children on how to be safe.
Darrell Cotton said he has not had this conversation with his kids before, but now that this incident occurred, he said he will.
Cotton usually picks his children up from school, but he knows he cannot always be with them.
You know if they're out playing with friends or something, hopefully they'll use better judgment and run away, said Cotton.
McClure stressed to never get in the car with an abductor even if they have a gun.
He said once you are in their vehicle, you are removed from what you know and in their control.
There is
still an active investigation for Monday's attempted abduction.
Police said the suspect is a white male and was seen wearing a white shirt.
He was seen driving a red Ford F-150 with a silver toolbox in the back.
If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at  

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