Former JOP Sentencing

Former JOP Sentencing
(Source: MGN)

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Joseph Charles Boyle, the former Archer County Justice of the Peace was sentenced today for stealing money from Archer County. He received two years in federal prison and has to pay $133,000 in restitution. He'll also be on three years supervised release after his sentence is served. Upon his release, the judge says he has to pay a minimum of 400 dollars a month toward his restitution.

Boyle, 64, of Holliday, was in charge of collecting the fees for fines such as traffic violations. Archer County Judge Randall C. Jackson said Boyle had people pay cash for fines and then pocketed a portion of the money - money that should have gone to Archer County.

Boyle spoke on his own behalf at the sentencing today and said he takes full responsibility for his actions.  He apologized first to his wife and then to the citizens of Archer County.

He served in his elected position since 2003 and according to court documents, from January 2013 to May 2015,  he stole, embezzled and obtained-by fraud funds he collected for the payment of fees, fines and penalties.

Boyle admitted that the total amount of money that he stole from Archer County was more than $40,000. He pleaded guilty last year in Federal Court in Wichita Falls ending almost 13 years in office.

He resigned his position as Justice of the Peace on November 9th, 2015.

A run-off election to replace Boyle is set to take place on May 24th.

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