Raising The Roof

Raising The Roof
Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Wichita Falls Independent School District has approved $119,000 to put the new roof over the classrooms at Barwise Leadership Academy.
After that section of the roof is updated, the only part of the building without a new roof is the gymnasium. They did not take action to approve the gym roof today. They may award contingency funds for that in June depending on whether the funds are available.

The original roof at Barwise Leadership Academy is about 25 years old. Ashley Thomas of the WFISD says that the McNeil Junior High roof is newer and doesn't need to be replaced.

McNeil Junior High renovations are continuing. Both school constructions will be done by fall 2106. Renovation on the schools is costing 22 million dollars which is coming out of a 59 million dollar bond issue approved by voters last year.