Electra approves contract for new city attorney

Electra city council approves contract for new city attorney

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - Two weeks ago, the city of Electra decided to move forward with a new city attorney. 
Tuesday night, council gave authority to assign Brett Hale to a contract, but according to Pam Ward, Mayor of Electra, his contract will not be the same as the last city attorney's. 
    "Two of the big differences in this contract than the contract we had with the previous attorney was, one, there is not a retainer fee on this contract," Ward said. "Two, he is not going to be required to be at all the meetings."
Hale put his skills to work on two different occasions and overall Ward has been impressed with his timeliness.
    "He executed the documents that were needed in a very timely manner," Ward said. "Just almost overnight so the city could move forward with their intent of the contract."
Ward says that she received positive comments from the public in regards to the change.
    "The reaction I have got from the public has been good," Ward said. "They are excited to have him over here because they know that he has an interest in Electra, and he has an interest in Electra's success and us putting our best foot forward."
Hale was not at the meeting tonight, but Ward says he will be at the next one, in two weeks, to meet the residents.
    "He will be at our next meeting so that we can introduce him to the citizens," Ward said, "for those who do not already know him."
Hale will be serving as a prosecutor with a two hour maximum for $300. 
He will also serve at council meetings under the same terms, when needed.
Everything else will be $150 an hour, which Ward says is the normal amount. 
Mayor Ward also says the reason Hale was not at tonight's meeting was because he was not needed.
The only times he will be called upon is if there are any hot legal topics on the agenda.

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