Talking History At The Kell House Museum

Talking History At The Kell House Museum

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Kell House Museum Curator Stacie Flood gave members of the public a chance to take part in help preserve the history of Wichita Falls.

"We have out docent training we do this about once a year," said Flood.

A docent is another term for tour guide and today new two volunteers are helping preserve the old, long history of the Kell house and philanthropic family that once occupied it.

"The house really is Wichita Falls," said Flood.

The Kell family moved into the home in 1896 and remained there until the death of Willie May Kell in 1980. Frank Kell played a major part in the development of many industries and businesses in the Wichita Falls and surrounding Texoma region.

"Wichita Falls started from their beginnings and grew into the huge town that it is today," said Flood.

The volunteers must go through two days of two hour's worth of training, fill out plenty of paper work, and have a solid understanding about the Kell House, the Kell family, and the impact that the Kell's had on the development of Wichita Falls. Flood asked the two volunteers to take her through the house as if she were a guest looking for a tour.

"So they are having their first opportunity to kind of give that tour to us so it is not something as scary as when they give their tour to the general public," said Flood.

Both the volunteers perform well displaying the knowledge they have gathered in the last two weeks of training. The Kell House Museum is large, and so is the history connected to it, but Flood reminds everyone of one thing.

"We have lots of stories to share and we are getting new stories all the time," said Flood.

The Kell House Museum will be closed for the next two weeks until the new exhibit called "Underneath is all: Underwear throughout the 1960's" is previewed on April 28th. For more information on the Kell House Museum you can click HERE for a link to the museum website or click HERE for a link to their Facebook page.