Munday City Council Members name a new city manager

Munday City Council Members name a new city manager

MUNDAY, TX (KAUZ) - Munday officials name a new city manager at Wednesday's city council meeting.
Jimmy Don Moore was chosen for the position.

Three applicants were interviewed, and Robert Bowen, the mayor of Munday, said although they all qualified for the position, Don Moore stood out because of his business background and passion for the city.

"It's a business managing the money. We feel like he does have a good business background, and he knows a lot about the area. I think that's going to help him quite a bit," said Mayor Bowen.

Mayor Bowen said those characteristics led to the unanimous decision by city officials, and he was offered the job over the phone at the meeting.
Winston Stephens, the former Munday City Manager, agreed with the decision, and he said Don Moore seems outgoing and eager to make a difference in the community.
Stephens took a job in Haskell, but will still be the Director of Public Works for Munday, a position the new city manager could also take over in the future.
Mayor Bowen said Don Moore expressed interest in taking on this role also and has some experience in sewer and water.

He adds, it should not be an issue for him to obtain the necessary licenses to take on the job.       
Jimmy Don Moore signed on for a five year contract with a $50,000 a year salary with benefits.
He will be living in Munday and starts in about two weeks.

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