Runaway Teens Caught


Two missing Ohio teenagers are spending time in the Wichita County Juvenile Detention Facility following a wild ride that started in Bowie yesterday.

Investigators say it started Sunday night at around 11pm when a Bowie police officer tried to do a welfare check on the two teens in their vehicle at a local hotel. 14-year-old Matthew Bateman, who was driving a Ford Expedition, and his 14-year-old passenger Kylee Taylor slammed the vehicle into a police unit and led police on a high-speed chase. That chase stretched from Clay County into Wichita County. D.P.S Trooper Dan Buesing says the teens were stopped around interstate 44.

“Upon entering the Wichita Falls city limits the vehicle exited onto Business 287 where the Wichita Falls Police Department was able to conduct a successful spike on the SUV causing it to come to a stop roughly around the Interstate 44 intersection.”

Authorities say both teens ran from the vehicle but the female was detained at the scene. Bateman headed toward some area softball fields. Police identified Bateman and Taylor as two juveniles who have been reported missing from Belmont County Ohio since April 11th. They searched for Bateman throughout the night.

Randy Cooper, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls, says that this morning Matthew Bateman turned up at the Boys and Girls Club on 6th Street.

“Early this morning just after 8:30am a juvenile walked into the lobby of our central Boys and Girls Club. He had no shoes on he was very, very muddy.  He asked the athletic directors where the restroom was."

Staff say he was courteous but seemed scared. They recognized him from his pictures in the media and while he was in the restroom they called police who came and arrested him without incident.

Both teens are uninjured and at the Wichita County Juvenile Detention Center where D.P.S is processing them for criminal charges. The Texas Rangers along with the other law enforcement agencies involved are continuing their investigation. No charges have been filed at this time. Law enforcement officials say as far as they know the two teens don't have any charges pending in Ohio. 

Authorities say, both teens' parents are on their way to Wichita Falls to reunite with them.
The Ford Expedition that they were driving is thought to belong to Matthew Bateman's parents.