WFISD Renames Washington Jackson Academy

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Wichita Falls Independent School District Officials renamed Washington Jackson Academy at Monday night's school board meeting

The school will officially be called Booker T. Washington Elementary.
Many community members said a part of history has been restored.
Arthur Bea Williams, a Wichita Falls resident, made a public comment at the meeting and told school board officials how important the name is to those who live in the community.   
Williams said this decision means so much more than a name change for her and her family.
        "I was the first person in my family to graduate from high school. I graduated from Booker T. Washington, and after that, every person in our family from Wichita Falls graduated from Booker T. until integration," said Williams.
Michael Kuhrt, WFISD superintendent, said this is significant for the school's alumni and Wichita Falls east side community
        "I think it's a wonderful thing. The board has heard them, heard their passion and their plan for this. That's great for the Booker T. Washington community," said Superintendent Kuhrt.
Williams said she hopes the name change will help motivate alumni to volunteer and take on projects to better the school.
        "I want people to know that Booker T. Washington is still in this community and for them to get active and get involved," said Williams.

District officials also came to a resolution to move the school board elections from May to November in order to have voting with the city and county elections.
Due to the change, current board members will stay in office an extra six months.
WFISD officials also approved a three year contract, with the possibility of two one year extensions with the transportation company Durham.
Superintendent Kuhrt said it is beneficial for the district to outsource because the company takes care of the management, staffing and bus maintenance.

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