Improvement Funds

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Getting around may be a little easier and more enjoyable for some Wichita Falls residents thanks to nearly $500,000 in funds approved by the city council at Tuesday's meeting.

The Wichita Falls City Council approved the use of 4B Sales Tax funds, an expenditure of about $415,000 which will go toward three projects in total.

The first two are alternative transportation related projects.

Kemp Street Pedestrian Improvements will add a sidewalk and handicap ramps to the east side of Kemp Street from Midwestern Parkway to Southwest Parkway. Currently, there are no sidewalks in that area and residents, including airmen from Sheppard Air Force Base, walk along busy Kemp Street to access Sikes Center Mall and other retail establishments.

The Hike and Bike Trail Improvements will extend from the Wichita Bluffs area to the Loop 11 intersection along the Wichita River.

City Counselors also approved up to $50,000 to hire Buxton - a retail recruitment service. They analyze  consumer spending patterns. Based on those patterns they can identify national corporations that may be right for setting up businesses in our community.

A federal government grant is picking up the tab for a large share of the projects - a little over $2 million dollars out of the $2.5 million dollar budget. The 4B Sales Tax Corporation is paying the remainder.

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