Lakeside City moving forward on waste water project

Lakeside City moving forward on waste water plan

LAKESIDE CITY, TX (KAUZ) - Lakeside City is not your ordinary city. 
It is built on an old fashioned waste water system, which Mayor Jim Henson says can cause problems.
    "We are a rare city on an old fashioned waste water system where everything is taken and refused out in a lagoon," Henson said. "It is then evaporated. Once it reaches stages that are suitable to put out in the environment, then fields can be watered with it."
That is part of the reason why the city is moving forward on trying to secure a local contract for their waste water transfer project that would require them to build a pipeline to Wichita Falls to transfer the water. 
Henson says he hopes Wichita Falls can take a decent amount of water.
    "We would like Wichita Falls to take as much as possible," Henson said. "I don't think it is possible to go with 100 percent based on our flow rates, but anything we do 30 percent and up will greatly improve the shoreline and environmental quality."
Henson says that the project could also help the city grow. 
    "It is certainly in Lakeside City's best interest," Henson said. "We still have some room to grow, expand, and add more houses out here, so we really want to look at this area."
The mayor says they have been looking into this for the past five years and could take anywhere from one to five years to complete. 
City Administrator Sam Bownds says the project could cost a little bit over $400,000.
The mayor also says it will help Lake Wichita and the revitalization project because it would make the lake a more desirable place to visit.

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