Heroes of Texoma: De'Metrea Cooper

Heroes of Texoma: De'Metrea Cooper

WICHITA FALLS, TX - NewsChannel 6 continues to honor those who serve our country. Wednesday night's Hero of Texoma was U.S. Army Sgt. De'Metrea Cooper.

Sgt. Cooper graduated from Hirschi High School in 2009 and weeks later joined the military.

"I mean that's my other half. That's my twin, you know not too many people get one of those so I was a little shaken up," his brother De'Metrion Cooper said.

Sgt. Cooper's career in the U.S. Army has taken him to places like Germany, Iceland, and Kuwait. He was also deployed to Afghanistan.

"He's been to places I can't even dream of you know. He's seen a lot, you know, I wish I could have," Cooper said.

His time in the service has also shown other one of his many talents.

"I mean he's an amazing leader. He's been able to teach a lot of people how to actually reach for goals and obtain what they really want to," Cooper said.

He's now a little closer to home at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio and his family could not be happier.

"He's doing a lot of people proud. He's also in school. He's about to finish school, that don't happen in my family and he's about to do that so I'm real proud of him," Cooper said. 
    Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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