Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope
Source: KAUZ


Watermelon, strawberries, potatoes, herbs and onions are just some of the good things growing at Vernon College.

The Vernon College Biology Club planted a beautiful, organic garden just in time for Earth Day to help feed people in need. They say it’s all part of giving back to the community.

Originally, the club wanted to start a compost to help reduce waste at the school - things like paper products, food from the cafeteria and yard scraps. Then the question arose: What do we do with the compost? The idea of a garden was born and - as it's part of the bylines of the club to give back to the community -they decided to donate whatever the garden grows to charity.
It's not just about giving away food - the biology club wants to teach others to grow their own gardens.
“We wanted to make sure we used nothing but recycled and reused parts to create something functional. We can pass our knowledge onto the Faith Refuge and they can grow gardens like this.”
The biology club gardeners say they expect to provide Faith Refuge with produce once a month right now but once the garden gets going deliveries may be more frequent. They say they're still trying to figure out what's growing and what's not and establish the backbone of the garden.

The shallots and potatoes are coming up nicely and should be ready to harvest soon. Club members worked long and hard on their garden and it is a labor a love.
“The teamwork and the effort that everyone put into it was great. Everybody was so helpful. When we first got the white pallets they weren't white. We all painted the pallets together. It was fun getting dirty and planning and knowing that eventually this garden will help a lot of people.”

The food service director of Faith Refuge and Faith Mission, Michelle Ferguson, says many of the women and children at the shelter are lacking in proper nutrition. She says she is ecstatic about the fresh produce, calling it a blessing.  

“I am very ecstatic. The donation of the fruits and vegetables that Vernon College grew for us are much needed here for the ladies and children at Faith Refuge.”
The garden cost about $200 dollars to create and that was just for incidentals. Most of the things needed were donated. Once the garden starts to produce more food the biology club says it plans to expand and deliver to more charities.