Nocona tap water concerns

Nocona tap water concerns

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - Some Nocona resident's reached out to city officials with concerns about the look and smell of their tap water.

Noah Pitman, a technician at the Water Treatment plant, said  the heavy rains may be to blame, increasing the amount of total organic carbons in Lake Nocona where the towns water comes from.
Organic carbons like algae, grass and tree decay, but Pitman said it has not been enough to impact the Total Carbon Levels.
        "We monitor that basically because it interacts with the chlorine and so we have a disinfection byproducts we have to make sure we don't go at that level and we never have," said Pitman.
These samples are taken once a month and although the organic compounds could be playing a small part, Pitman said he has another theory.
        "Sometimes you get a smell first thing in the morning especially when the water sits in the pipes overnight and it hasn't been run," said Pitman.

The water temperature has gone from 45 degrees up to about 70 degrees.

Chlorine Dioxide is added to the water at the treatment plant to get rid of any taste and odor problems, and since it is a gas it does not stay in the water.
Pitman said the organic carbon levels, salt and alkalinity have all been tested and are at the appropriate levels.
For residents whose tap water is not prepared to their liking all that needs to be done is flushing those lines by letting the water run for a few minutes.
The city does address all complaints that come through Nocona City Hall by going out to the area and flushing the water main, and bringing fresh water into that section.

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