Heroes of Texoma: Tiana Sayles

Heroes of Texoma: Tiana Sayles

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Newschannel 6 is continuing to honor those who serve our country through the Heroes of Texoma program. 
Wednesday night we recognized United States Marine Corps PFC Tiana Sayles from Wichita Falls. 
When PFC Sayles started at Wichita Falls High School she was not making the best choices.

"Tiana's freshman and sophomore year was spent at Denver, in-school suspension, she was fighting," Tiana's mother Teresa Sayles said.

Her junior year while finishing her time at the Denver Alternative Center her mother said she had a visitor.

"First Sgt. Faurie actually went up there and talked to her and he asked, "Why should I let you into my program?" and whatever reason she gave him it worked and from that moment on Tiana stayed out of trouble," Teresa said.

Tiana's family said she had always wanted to go into the military but being part of the JROTC program helped make that dream more of a reality. 
She graduated from Wichita Falls High School in June of 2015 and made her way to boot camp shortly after.

"I'm proud regardless because she wanted to serve her country. She can still go to college, but her country came first in her eyes and no words can explain the excitement and how proud I am of her for making that decision," Teresa said.

Her grandmother was a little anxious about the decision at the time.

"I didn't like it at first because the fear of what's going on in the world today and something might have happened," Glenda Sayles said.

While her time in the service so far has been short, Tiana has made her way to South Carolina and now California. Her family could not be more happy about the woman she is becoming.

    "She just makes me proud everyday," Teresa said.

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    Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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