Amfuel fuels up the Wichita Falls economy

Amfuel fuels up the Wichita Falls economy

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The American Fuel Cell and Coated Fabrics Company, known as Amfuel, had its ribbon cutting Wednesday and opened its doors for a tour of the facility.
Officials with the aerospace company plan on creating more than 200 jobs in Wichita Falls.
Britt Gourley, interim president and CEO of Amfuel, said about 10 to 15 jobs will be added every month, and all of this has been made possible thanks to a little less than $2,000,000 dollars worth of incentives from the Wichita Falls Economic Development Corporation.
The three part incentive gave Amfuel capital for equipment, jobs and a Texas grant for employee training expenses.
Henry Florsheim, president of the Wichita Falls Chambers of Commerce, said projects like this is why the 4A Board was created.

"Over time, this is going to mean hundreds of millions of dollars of economic impact every year.  We're talking like 20 million plus just on payroll, once they get up and running," said Florsheim.
Employees working at Amfuel will be trained to manufacture fuel tanks for the aerospace industry.
One of the main reasons the company came to Wichita Falls is the location and Sheppard Air Force Base.
Gourley said he hopes to attract former military personnel.
        "Many of whom who have actually worked with our cells. In fact the T-38's that you hear fly over here have our cells in them," said Gourley.
Midwestern State University also appealed to Amfuel.
Gourley said making a quick connection with the college was important, and three engineering students have already been hired.
He plans on collaborating with the college for special testing and projects.
Right now Amfuel has a total of 30 workers, and the goal is to have well over 100 by the end of December.

Gourley said he sees the company expanding in the future.

Florsheim said when companies are able to find the workers they need, businesses will come, and with Amfuel moving in, it will help pitch the city to other businesses in the industry.
Wichita Falls city officials are currently in the process of having a study conducted to analyze the opportunities relating to aerospace manufacturing.

It will provide an analysis that will allow the city to take a deeper look into what companies to target.

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