Buyers Beware of "Flood Duds"

Buyers Beware of "Flood Duds"

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Texas Department of Insurance is warning you about buying flood-damaged cars.

    "Spring is storm season here in Texas and this year we've seen a lot of severe flooding in the Houston area. Anytime we see flooding like that there's always the danger of flood-damaged cars entering the used car market," Jerry Hagins with TDI said.

    Newschannel 6 spoke with the owner of Kennedy Insurance in Wichita Falls about what residents need to know to avoid buying a "flood dud."

    "You're going to have to look in places you normally wouldn't do. Get up under the dash and see if there's debris. If there's a line from where the water levels were you want to check that. Look for mold, look for those issues. Look in the trunk, maybe lift up the carpeting in the truck and see what's underneath it," Kenneth French, Owner of Kennedy Insurance said.

    French and Hagins said to look for things like mold or debris in the carpeting. Make sure if you notice a strong smell of cleaning products that could be a cover up attempt for cars with mold inside.

    "Do your due diligence. Know who your used car dealer is. There's a lot of great used car dealers here in Wichita Falls, but just know who you're dealing with," French said.

    Another helpful tip is to check the car's title and VIN. You can check the VIN for free at
    If you suspect fraud report it to the Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Help Line at 1-800-252-3439.
    Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6 
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