Teaming Up For CTE

Teaming Up For CTE
Source: KAUZ


The City of Wichita Falls is teaming up with the Wichita Falls Independent School District to complete construction on the new Career and Technical Education Center.
They have agreed to work together on street rehab and sewer collection system improvements on Hatton Road.
 In order to build the new Career and Technical Education building, the Wichita Falls Independent School District has to widen Hatton Road, extend Brewster Street and install a new sewer line.

City officials say the city of Wichita Falls is responsible for some of the maintenance issues so they are combining the responsibilities with the W.F.I.S.D under one contract to make the construction flow more smoothly.

“That way we don't have a contractor out there trying to work while their contractor is trying to work.
We put it all under one contract. We pay for our portion of the project, the Independent School District pays for their portion.”

City officials say the contract makes sure the improvements are done in a timely manner. The city's part of the work for the street improvements will be funded by the Street Rehab Program and the sewer line upgrade will be funded by the Annual Utility Improvement Program.

Also on the agenda, the city council chambers will be getting a new, modern look. Renovations will cost 500 thousand dollars but it's not being funded with taxpayer money. The renovations will be paid for with public education and government funds provided by Time Warner Cable. 

The updates will modernize the look of the chambers including better seating and lighting, and new audio/visual equipment. The construction will also address some handicap accessibility issues.

The work starts May 18th with an asbestos abatement and construction will begin shortly after that. 

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