Bowie Memorial Hospital board members prepare for the close

Bowie Memorial Hospital board members prepare for the close

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - Bowie Memorial Hospital board members met Thursday night and found out some good news.

Hospital officials discovered the federal government owes the board $171,696 dollars.

A couple of years ago, board members were required to pay the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about $275,000 dollars due to a cost report from 2014.
However, the board overpaid, and now they will be getting some of that money back, although the funds will go to the new owners, the Hashmi Group.
The board also discovered they are in good standing with the hospital's Meaningful Use Audit.
The audit requires board members to prove the hospital was doing what it set out to do and its documented information was accurate.
        "It makes a world of difference. Had we not met, meaningful use the sale would probably have not taken place. It's that critical, that important," said Lynn Heller, Interim President of the Bowie Memorial Hospital Board.
The hospital's accounts receivable also improved, decreasing about 30 percent.
Funds have been collected from patients who owe on their accounts, insurance companies and some of those debts were written off.
Hospital board members are offering 50 percent off for those who want to pay the remaining balance on their owed accounts.
A firm is interested in purchasing the accounts and bad debt, and Heller said this is the best move for the board.

He adds, some of the debts are not collectible, and all together total about $1.5 million.
Employee status was also on the agenda, and Heller believes the Hashmi Group will start with core employees, like maintenance and custodians.
        "I would say they would focus on getting some nurses here pretty quick, so they can try to get the emergency room back up and going as quick as possible," said Heller.
It has been a long road for the Bowie Memorial Hospital board members, but the dissolution of the board is in the near future.
Heller said for this to happen, Bowie City Council members must vote on an ordinance to do so.
The hospital board's attorney is currently working on that ordinance, and Heller believes there is no reason it will not be approved by city officials.

The target date for the closing of the hospital's sale is May 16th, and it could open as early as late summer.

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