A Texoma mother brings awareness through social media

A Texoma mother brings awareness through social media

WICHITA FALLS, TX - One mother's Facebook post brings awareness to hundreds of parents in Texoma about the risk of human trafficking.
It all started when a regular trip to the store turned into a scary situation for Julie Lindsey, a mother of five.
Lindsey said her and her family was followed for more than 30 minutes while shopping at a Wal-Mart in Wichita Falls, by a girl who appeared to be about 16 years old.

She said she immediately felt uncomfortable and knew something was not right.

Julie Lindsey said she is not certain that the person who followed her is a part of a human trafficking ring, but with the recent human trafficking investigation in Wichita Falls she is being extra cautious when it comes to the safety of her children and herself.

"You can't ever assume that you know what the situation is that's going on. So just always be aware and be ready protect yourself and whoever is with you," said Lindsey.
She immediately found her husband in the store and told employees about the situation.

Lindsey said the girl even tried to change her appearance by putting on a hoodie, sending up another red flag.
        "Just always being aware if you have any doubt in your spirit then you follow through with it don't hesitate don't wait," said Lindsey.

Sergeant Harold McClure with the Wichita Falls Police Department agrees.

He said you must be aware of your surroundings.
        "Be mindful of those around you. What is going on and be able to take action if you feel like someone is about to victimize you," said Sgt. McClure.
Lindsey said as a parent she knows she must protect her kids no matter what.
        "You have to be there and you have to be smart for them. Know where they are at all times don't let them out of your sight whether they are two whether they are ten," said Lindsey.
        "Unfortunately the times are changing and we just need to educate people on being safer and more aware of their surroundings and where their children are," said Sgt. McClure.
Research by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center shows this year in the United States there has been more than 1,654 human trafficking cases reports.
Although Lindsey stresses she does not know the intentions of her stalker, she does want to bring awareness that human trafficking can happen anywhere.
Sergeant McClure said if you do feel unsafe or witness suspicious activity go where other people are, alert store security or call 911.

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