We Are Texoma - Archer County Museum & Jail

We Are Texoma - Archer City

A priceless piece of history is here in Texoma. It's a turn of the century jail that is now a museum housing extensive memorabilia from Archer County's history.

Our We Are Texoma Hometown Pride Tour continues this week in Archer City at the Archer County Museum & Jail.

There are hundreds of photos on the walls - images of the Archer County Sheriffs lined up over the years. Family photos, old law enforcement uniforms, woman's dresses from a bygone era, flags, furniture, and countless knick-knacks and souvenirs from yesteryear.

Gary Beesinger, Chairman of the Archer County Historical Commission says one of the most interesting and unexpected displays in this eclectic museum are the dinosaur bones found in Archer County.

"Mr. Jack Loftin donated one set of dinosaur bones to the Smithsonian Institute and kept the rest right here in Archer City."

Construction on the Archer County Jail was completed in 1910.  The first floor was living quarters for the sheriff and his family. The second and third floor were cells and the fourth floor was a hanging gallows, which was never used. The jail closed in the mid-1970's and was made into a museum shortly after that.

Beesinger says the museum is in a state of disrepair and badly needs help.

"We need to get people together who really care about the museum and the history of Archer County to try to refurbish it."

Cleaning up, getting rid of anything extra that doesn't relate to Archer County history and a fresh coat of paint are immediate priorities for Beesinger. He also wants to start digitizing all of the irreplaceable photos before they fade away for good.

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