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A North Texas real estate company is helping Texomans own a piece of their homeland. Mossy Oak Properties in Archer City is a farm and ranch brokerage. They sell rural and recreational land to investors and outdoorsmen.

Mossy Oak Division Manager, Matt McLemore, has a rich Texas heritage. He grew up in Archer City and opened his office in 2008. He says Mossy Oak Properties is a trusted national brand with local flavor.

“I'm an Archer native. I grew up here. I went to school here. So we're still someone you know next door. I didn't travel down here. I’m not from the city or anything else. This is where I was born and raised.”

The company serves all of North Texas and its agents are experts in all aspects of farm and ranch brokerage.

“We specialize in farm, ranch, rural and recreational sales - people who love the outdoors - like to hunt, like to fish or want a house with some acreage and that's what we specialize in.”

Many of the tracks Mossy Oak sells range from 100 to 10,000 acres or more. They also sell to people who might want 5 or 10 acres to build their dream home. Some who lease land for recreational purposes are now choosing to buy. 

“Most of your hunters nowadays, a lot of them lease land but they're discovering that for the same lease price they can own their own piece of Texas.”

It all depends on the buyer, the buyer's capability and what they're looking for. Mossy Oak carefully guides both buyers and sellers through the process from start to finish.

“We have a checklist and we have agents that are trained in this. We don't just put our name on a card and say here we can sell farming ranches. We actually have training geared to what that seller needs, what their goals are.”

McLemore says that there is only so much land and with the population increasing and the Metroplex expanding in all directions – it's the perfect time to invest in property. He says it's a safe investment plus it's something tangible that people get enjoyment out of.

“With land it's an investment. You can take ownership in it. You can improve it and watch what you've done to the property as you've increased the value.”

Mossy Oak agents work hard to achieve their client's goals but it's more than just a business.

“We want to make those buyers not just buyers or sellers we want a relationship, a long term relationship.”

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