Heroes of Texoma: Harold Adams, Sr.

Heroes of Texoma: Harold Adams, Sr.

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - A New Jersey native who made his home in Texoma is being recognized as part of the "Heroes of Texoma."

    "I loved air planes to begin with and every time I'd see one I'd just be in awe, so when I had a chance to join the air force, I loved it," Retired Tech Sgt. Harold Adams, Sr. said.

    He joined the United States Air Force in 1956. Shortly after he married his wife Margaret. His career, in the beginning, did not take him away from his family much at all.

    "At first, it was like him just going to work and going home for six and a half years. We had two children and was expecting the third when we moved but it was good, except for when he was going on trips," Margaret Adams said.

    Harold said his time in the service afforded him opportunities he would have otherwise gone without.

    "I've traveled all over the world. One of the first military bases after boot camp I was at; I was there for six and a half years on paper. But I was physically there about two years. The rest of the time I was all over the world," Harold Adams said.

    His oldest daughter Sherry said her father has always been a selfless man.

    "Even growing up in the service when it was time for the holidays and stuff, he always had some of the single GI's that didn't have any family around or any place to go to come to the house for the holidays," Sherry Milner said.

    His time in the USAF did take him to Vietnam where he had a familiar face nearby and never knew it.

    "We were at the same base, at the same time for a whole year. Never saw each other, never knew each other was there," Harold said.

    He was talking about his brother. They both served at the same base in Vietnam and never ran into each other for an entire year. Coming from a family of military members, Harold would not change a thing about his decision back in 1956.

    "I'm glad I did it. I have no regrets," Harold said.

    Today, Harold serves as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society. He drives cancer patients to their treatments and has put in nearly 50,000 miles doings so. In September, he will celebrate 60 years of marriage with his wife Margaret who he said is also a hero. 
    Retired Tech Sgt. Harold Adams, Sr. is well deserving of the title Hero of Texoma.

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    Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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