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We Are Texoma - Archer County


A new housing development in our community offers homeowners the luxury of open space with an emphasis on sustainability. Decker Farms in Archer County is one of the most unique rural residences in our area.

It is situated on 200 acres of native prairie and will eventually have about 27 homes built on it. Developers are making sure that every homeowner is surrounded by beautiful open land that can never be built on.

Decker Farms is a large lot community. Sustainability and protecting natural resources is an important part of the development. Stan Kimbell, owner and operator of Decker Farms, limits the amount that homeowners can develop and improve their properties.

“When you buy a lot at Decker Farms you can only develop and improve 20% of it. The 80% remains in native prairie. That native prairie is your buffer zone between you and your neighbor.”

Decker Farms was originally called The Prairie and was all about sustainability even in the construction of the homes. Kimbell says he still very much promotes sustainable living but no longer requires it in the development of the houses.

“We require the homeowner to preserve the open space and the native prairie but we no longer have a requirement about the materials they have to use and the construction techniques they have to use.”

There are restrictions controlling the aesthetics only and it's up to the homeowner whether they want a sustainable home or not. Kimbell says Decker Farms is more than just a prairie development. It's a lifestyle of simple living, relaxation and Southern charm.

“What makes it special is the space. The space is the one thing we really have going - it's going to be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day.”

The natural prairie is part of the development and it's permanent. It's in the deed restriction and something which the homeowner can rely on. The landscape they see today will remain unchanged tomorrow – including the breathtaking sunsets and night skies.

Natural beauty abounds. There are deer and turkey and the development is right off the Lake Wichita watershed.  Another advantage is that the native prairie, which is 80% of the lot that the homeowner will purchase, will be maintained by the H.O.A. That way they preserve the agriculture and make the entire prairie look the same because it's all maintained at the same level. It's mowed or hayed once a year and there aren’t chopped up blocks of lots. 

“It's just a central plan that will provide enjoyment and beauty into the future.”

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