Young seizure sufferer gets life back

Young seizure sufferer gets life back

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - An 8-year-old Burkburnett girl is no longer suffering from nearly 40 daily seizures thanks to a Wichita Falls chiropractor.

    "When she was about six, six and a half months old we noticed her eyebrows would jitter over and over. That's kind of where it all started," Jessica Weatherly, Kelli's mother said.

    Her parents took her to a neurologist after noticing some physical behaviors they did not think were normal for her age.

    "She would start talking and in just mid-sentence, stop. She had the absence petit mal seizures so it wasn't like she was falling on the floor having convulsions, she just basically zoned out," Jessica said.

    While Kelli reached all her milestones as a young child, she did suffer from bladder control loss and did not like to do activities like reading or spelling.

    "Kindergarten was probably the hardest year with her. She had a lot of problems in school. She was marked for bad behavior because of her zoning out," Jessica said.

    "It really affected her ability to socialize and just do stuff with her family, and it wasn't because she wasn't paying attention, she was having a health issue," Dr. David F. Cartwright said.

    In December 2013, Kelli's neurologist ordered a 24 hour EEG and within 22 hours Kelli had more than 40 seizures. The following May her parents took her to see Dr. Cartwright.

    "We took some x-rays. I evaluated the films and I saw that there was a subluxation present in her upper neck which again will put pressure on a particular part of the nervous system which can cause things like seizures," Dr. Cartwright said.

    Dr. Cartwright did an adjustment to Kelli's spine to take the pressure off her nervous system.
    "That dramatically improved her case," Dr. Cartwright said.

    The family was elated. 
    "He gave us our kid back," Jessica said.

    Before being treated by Dr. Cartwright the Weatherly Family could not make a trip to the grocery store or go without carrying several pairs of clothing due to Kelli's seizures and bladder control problems. But now those problems are a thing of the past.

    "He's completely changed our lives," Jessica said.

 Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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