Uninsured kids receive dental care

Uninsured kids receive dental care

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Wichita Falls dental office provided free dental care to children who do not have health insurance.

    "The purpose of today's event is to provide treatment to children that generally wouldn't be able to get treatment due to financial costs and not having insurance," Jessica Gutierrez, Office Manager at Kool Smiles said.

    The event began at 9:00 am and lasted until 1:00 pm.

    "There was already people lined up outside before I even opened the doors so I really think the community is taking notice of this and trying to bring their children in and get them taken care of," Gutierrez said.

    Available treatments included dental exams, limited emergency care, extractions, fillings and baby tooth root canals and crowns.

    "We came in today because she had a tooth that was coming in over a baby tooth that hadn't come out yet. So we were going to see if they could pull it for us because we don't have dental insurance and I didn't want it to get infected or make her sick," Carolyn Ruddy of Charlie, TX said.

    Carolyn and her husband do not have dental insurance so when she heard about this opportunity she jumped at the chance.

    "As a mom, to keep your kids healthy when you don't have the financial help to do that; it's nice when you can come to a place like this that offers their time that they don't have to so that you can keep your kids healthy," Carolyn said.

    The Kool Smiles dental office in Wichita Falls expected to see about 50 patients. This is the second year for the Sharing Smiles Day and Gutierrez said this will be an annual event from now on.

    "We want to provide as much treatment as we can to those children," Gutierrez said.

    For more information on Sharing Smiles Day and dental care for children who are uninsured just head to www.mykoolsmiles.com.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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