Hometown Pride Tour: Graham National Theatre

Hometown Pride Tour: Graham National Theatre

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - Graham is loaded with history in one of the most popular businesses of all time, the movie business.
The National Theatre was the first picture show to open in the City of Graham in 1919.
It's even listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and once you step inside you see why.
But this transformation didn't happen overnight.
   "It was in horrible shape when we saw it, we had ceiling tiles falling in, we had mildew in the seats." said Pam Scott, Owner of the National Theatre 

It was obviously a huge project, but the Scotts didn't let a little work scare them away.

"We just felt like we could meet the challenge and come in here and do a good job and the community supported us from day one," said Scott.  "We've tried to preserve a lot of the look and integrity of the theatre that dated back to those early 1900's so that we can keep the look and feel of it the same."

That started with getting to know the history of the building and what went on inside, during a time period where silent films were the featured attraction.
     "It was really a social function of the community back then. They didn't have T.V. or radio. People came to the movie for the social value and entertainment value and they were coming all the time," says Scott.

The Scotts wanted to keep the history alive and one way that was done was by preserving some the original seats.
Something else you will find in The National Theatre is a cry room. A soundproof room with a large glass window and sound, so people could still watch the movie while trying to calm down a fussy baby.
But the 250 seat auditorium isn't the only screen to check out. There is also a Staircase Theatre, A Northstar Theatre and a party room.
You can also check out the first projector, that used nitrate film.
While additions have been made to keep things modern and profitable the Scott family has worked hard to at the same time keep the National Theatre true to its past.

     "It's really neat to preserve history, cause it's our story and nobody else can tell our story." said Pam Scott.

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