Hometown Pride Tour: Graham Drive-In Theatre

Hometown Pride Tour: Graham Drive-In

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - Our Hometown Pride tour of Graham, Texas is taking you to the drive-in.
     It's another piece of history that's thriving thanks to the Scott family, complete with a ticket booth and concession stand. 
     Pam Scott and her husband took over 9 years ago.
They had already been running the National Theatre when they heard the Graham Drive-In was closing up shop.
     "We hated to see that happen, we said this is an icon for our community we need to keep it going." said Pam Scott, Owner of the Graham Drive-in.

So they worked out a contract and have been at it since.
     The drive-in is one of a handful of outdoor movie theatres still operating in Texas.
While there are not a lot of pictures showcasing its history, you can look around and see not much has changed.
     The big screen shows recent releases and you can tune in to your radio to hear the show, but when you pull up you will also find working speakers similar to the ones used in 1948 when it first opened up.
Something else pretty special about the Texoma theatre staple is that it was crowned one of five winners in a national contest in 2013 that landed them a new digital projector!

     "We were just overwhelmed by the support we got and to come away from that national contest and actually have ore votes than any other drive in was just an incredible experience for us." said Pam Scott, Owner of the Graham Drive-in. "It was just an exclamation point that we need to be here."

  It was also a sigh of relief financially because Graham's Drive-In, along with others across the country, was in danger of shutting down because of out-dated equipment.
     Something else that's cool about the theatre is that your ticket price gets you a double feature!
For the most part they are open every weekend until Labor day and they also have lots of events throughout the year.
     So make sure you check out their website  at http://www.grahamdrivein.com/

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