Hometown Pride Tour: Wildcatter Ranch

Hometown Pride Tour: Wildcatter Ranch
Our Hometown Pride Tour continues with a look inside a ranch located about 6 miles south of Graham in Young County at the Wildcatter Ranch and Spa Resort.

The name says it all.  A wildcatter is a risky investor, someone who might go out and drill a well in unproven territory.
     A name that seemed proper to 4 investors who didn't know if it would pay off.

     But it did, 12 years later the ranch is thriving!
    It is complete with 16 guest cabins, 16 hotel rooms, a steakhouse and is full of countless things to do.
    70 % of the guests who visit are international visitors.

"It's really neat for them because they have seen Texas in the movies and on TV, and for them to be able to come to Texas and ride a horse, that's a good experience for them," said Jay Brewer, Wildcatter Ranch Activities Manager.
 Horseback riding is probably one of the more popular things to do at the ranch, but there are lots of activities including skeet shooting, archery and Jeep tours, just to name a few.
The Wildcatter Ranch Activities Manager says he has been living out his dream job on the property, located on the Brazos River, since it opened.
     "The fact that I get to come to work, and bring my dog with me, I get to drive Jeeps and shoot guns and ride horses, I'm living the dream," said Jay Brewer.

He says everyone from management to the other staff are great to work with, and he also enjoys all of the guests and getting to show a little bit of Texas and Young County to them.

"You get to meet people from all around the world. You get to be a part of their memories and vacation. So, it makes it easy to want to do a good job." said Brewer. "You can do as much as you want or as little as you want. It really is seems like you are miles away from anything when you are out here. I can tell you all day long how cool it is but until you get out here you'll  never know."


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