Bowie Memorial Hospital: More to the sale

Bowie Memorial Hospital: More to the sale

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - Just when you thought the deal was finished, Bowie Memorial Hospital officials added one more item into the asset purchase agreement of the sale at Friday's hospital board meeting.
The Hashmi Group will acquire the accounts in good standing, totally $1.5 million dollars, bad debts and other liabilities.
Lynn Heller, hospital board interim CEO, said this is a good opportunity for the new owners. 
        "I think they have something really positive planned regarding the accounts receivable. So, it's going to be interesting to see how that all works out," said Heller.
There is a lot of possibilities when it comes to uncompensated care, including reimbursement.
A $150,000 dollar escrow account was also approved for the Hashmi Group, for paybacks and payments from Medicare, Medicaid and patient related charges.
Heller said it has been a long road but is pleased with how things are turning out, and a Texoma home health nurse agrees.

Tina Lee said she is excited about the hospital opening back up for many reasons.
        "Because we can take our lab draws that we do in the rural areas to them, and they can get them processed into the doctors," said Lee.
She said, of course having a nearby hospital will be a good thing for patients too.

"There have been a couple of incidents where we have had some real emergencies, and Bowie would have been a lot more convenient and a lot safer," said Lee.
Lee does hope to see some upgrades and new services added, along with more jobs.
        "I have some friends that will be very excited because they used to work for them, and it will bring employment here too," said Lee.

The dissolution of the Bowie Memorial Hospital authority is still in the works.
Heller said it may be harder than expected due to provisions and requirements.
If an ordinance is not passed by Bowie city officials for the authority to be dissolved, then the hospital's board members will resign.

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