Sustainable Energy Source Hits Wichita Falls

Sustainable Energy In A Box

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Major energy consumption consumers like hospitals, shopping malls and emergency service centers could be going green. 
A "Joule Box" is a space saving and efficient constant power generator.
The creator, and officials with a local energy company say, due to its self reliant nature, the "Joule Box" is the world's most plausible sustainable energy option.
With how Wichita Falls came up with the Water Reuse Project, officials say bringing cleaner energy to the falls is a must. 
"The point of what I wanted to do is I've always wanted to bring something back to Wichita Falls that helped everybody. And this is a thing that after being in Las Vegas for 9 years, I was privy to a lot of neat things and this was one that I just knew could help," said Brian Farris, Owner of B&T Energy. 
Farris says bringing these types of generators to Wichita Falls can be extremely helpful when severe weather strikes. 
The "Joule Box" is able to constantly deliver plenty of lower cost electricity. Officials say because of this, any overtaxed energy grid is stabilized.