Staying Safe: On The Road

Staying Safe: On The Road


Memorial Day weekend is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. A new report by the National Safety Council estimates over 400 people may be killed and over 50 thousand injured on the road this holiday weekend.
We've got tips on how you can make sure you and your family get where you're going safely.
Frustrated drivers rushing to get to their destinations and congested roadways can lead to accidents. Data also shows U.S. motorists run more red lights during Memorial Day weekend than at any other time of the year. Department of Public Safety officials say the first line of defense to avoid making fatal mistakes on the roadway is to pay attention, be patient and slow down.
“Speed, distractions and drinking and driving are the main reasons for fatalities and crashes over the weekend.”
Distractions, especially from mobile devices.
“Distractions have become more and more of a problem on today's highways with mobile devices. Please let your passengers handle your mobile device in regards to texting and talking."
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says be careful of children in or near the car. Make sure car and booster seats are correctly installed and never leave a child alone in a car, especially a hot car, unattended.

Remember to buckle up, every trip, every time. Everyone onboard must agree to wear their seat belt if they're going to ride with you. Check your tires and air pressure. Always make sure you have a spare.

Don't drink and drive. Every 51 minutes in the United States someone dies in an alcohol related crash.  
“This weekend is a great weekend to honor our veterans so please be responsible. Call a cab, call a friend or stay where you are.”
Troopers will be out in full force to make sure everyone is driving responsibly.

"This weekend is always a weekend to focus on traffic safety. Troopers are out making sure and especially with the Click It or Ticket campaign troopers are out looking for those seat belt violations. Be patient, limit your distractions and get everyone home safely.

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