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Former Texoma Woodshoppe and Antique Store Holding Auction

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Ernie and Kay McConnell are hanging it up after 37 years of building cabinets and selling European antiques, but Ernie McConnell, co-owner, said it is time.
    "We want to control our life instead of our life controlling us," McConnell said.
However, Kay McConnell, co-owner, said they loved what they did. 
    "You have to have a passion for it," McConnell said. "When you go to other auction's or real estate sales and you are standing there at 3 a.m. waiting to get all your stuff gathered up, you just know that is what you want to do."
The couple also had a third member, their dog Sydney.
    "She is the door greeter for the Woodshoppe," the McConnell's said. "People come out here, and she will greet you at the door. We have people that come by and will bring their grandchildren and see if Sydney is here."
Now the couple is auctioning off everything from the business.
It is something they are looking forward to.
    "I think this is going to be the largest auction Wichita Falls has seen in a while," Kay McConnell said. "We have all the antiques, kitchen displays and machinery going. If you wanted to open a cabinet shop, you could come in here and buy all that equipment. If you have a building within two weeks, you could be up and running."
The McConnell's said leaving will be bittersweet, but the memories will last forever for them.
    "Meeting the people and getting involved with them and just making sure that when we walk away from that final project of their house, that it's perfect," Kay McConnell said. 
    "Trying to please them as much as I can," Ernie McConnell said. "Trying to put whatever their version is, trying to get what they want."
The auction will be held Thursday morning at 9 a.m. at 7592 Seymour Highway behind Lone Star Muscle Cars, held by Dakil Auction out of Oklahoma City 
Everything from the antiques in the front to the power tools in the back will be sold to the highest bidder.

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