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Soggy Situation

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Archer City resident David White's yard on Chaparral Street was flooded yesterday. Today its all mud. White says run off from the heavy rains comes down from South Rose Street into his yard and floods his home. He had two floods last year and one yesterday. White isn't the only one affected. His neighbor Christy Hale is at Ground Zero for the flooding. She lives on South Rose Street where the run off starts before it goes onto White's property.

It comes through their backyard and it all pools up at the back of the house. It goes through the bedroom walls and into the floor and through the rest of the house.

After last year's flooding White says he didn't get any help from the City so he went to Catholic Charities who inspected the house. White says they deemed the situation an emergency and helped fix seven thousand dollars worth of damage. They also installed drains in the backyard. Unfortunately, they didn't work yesterday because there was too much water. So, once again, desperate for help White called the City.
Archer City Manager George Huffman personally went out and dug a drainage ditch yesterday at the intersection of South Rose and Holcomb Streets. Huffman says it's almost done they just have to make it drivable using either asphalt or concrete as soon as the weather permits.

White says he and other neighbors have repeatedly asked the City to dig a drainage ditch going North in the alley between the houses leading to an open road. Huffman says they are looking into what they can do to provide drainage in the alley.

Meanwhile, as the rain continues - White and his neighbors concerns grow.

I definitely feel Ive been ignored. Why? The only reason I can think of is they dont want to spend the Citys money to help us.

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