Callaway Found Guilty

Callaway Found Guilty
Source: KAUZ


Gary Andrew Callaway was found guilty of two counts of capital murder by a Hardeman County jury on Wednesday. He is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Tuesday was day two in the Gary Andrew Callaway double murder trial. The first witness to take the stand was Callaway's father. He told the court that after Callaway's arrest he went to visit his son in jail. He said it was during this visit that Callaway admitted to his father that he had shot Terrance Besaw.

Another witness, a friend of the defendant, testified that Callaway asked him to pick him up near an apartment complex in Vernon on the afternoon of April 8th - the day of the murders. The witness told the court that when he and Callaway got to the witness' house Callaway said, "I messed up. I ended two people." The witness also said Callaway confessed that he had shot Besaw while he was sleeping and mentioned killing Lisa Waddle.

Callaway's lawyers are using a self defense claim as the reason Besaw was shot.

Two witnesses at Tuesday's trial were no shows. Shirley Brown, the defendant's sister, and Patrick Morris were subpoenaed. Neither appeared to testify. The Hardeman County Sheriff's Office has been dispatched with a warrant to bring them in.

Monday the jury saw a videotaped interview between two Texas Rangers and Callaway. It was recorded after the murders in mid-April. On the videotape Callaway confessed to Texas Rangers that he shot both Terrance Besaw and Lisa Waddle on April 8th.

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